CEPROTEC strip modules are made from blankets of high-temperature wool or AES wool. Blanket strips laid in parallel are pressed to the exact module density and held together by bands. Combi modules can also be produced.


Module compression compensates for any shrinkage that may occur. Careful construction and installation are required in order to use the advantages of the modules and ensure a long-lasting furnace lining. Like felt modules, strip modules can also be attached to expanded metal or a brick lining with CEPROTEC CC 180 adhesive. The choice of anchor or adhesive is key for the lifespan of the lining.








Simple installation

High laying performance

Welded or bolted anchors can be applied

Inspection of the anchor bases before covering

No special tools required

Inspection of the compression of the modules

Easy to smooth out unevenness on the furnace housing

Easy replacement of damaged modules

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