CEPROTEC offers thermal insulation bricks such as refractory bricks and insulating bricks as high-temperature insulation material for furnace and plant construction.


CEPROTEC refractory bricks are characterised by their high temperature resistance, thermal shock resistance and their wide range of applications. Due to their chemical resistance and high mechanical strength, they can be used in almost any high-temperature plant. Use as brick backing as well as on the fire side is possible. Depending on the material combination, they are available with classification temperatures up to 1650°C.


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Thermal treatment plants in the aluminium, iron and steel industry

Plants in the ceramic industry

Glass industry

Cracking furnaces and process plants in the petrochemical industry


CEPROTEC  refractory light-weight castables provide a solid basis for fire-resistant linings that require high mechanical strength as well as good insulation properties. Ceprocast-LD refractory concretes (low density) and Ceprocast insulating concretes are used as front material or back up insulation for applications with lower mechanical and chemical stress.


With its low thermal conductivity, Ceprocast-LD refractory concrete offers a suitable basis for energy-saving lining concepts with low mechanical stress. Depending on the installation situation, different variants are available:


Ceprocast-LD – light cast concrete

Ceprogun-LD – light shotcrete

Ceprocast-ISO – insulating concrete


We offer a wide range of inexpensive standard refractory concrete based on fireclay, through to high-quality refractory concrete based on hollow corundum spheres. The tried and tested Ceprocast-LD refractory concretes give you flexibility as well as high reliability and service life.





Free shape design

Individual material selection

High chemical resistance

High mechanical strength

Good thermal shock resistance

Good thermal energy storage

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