CEPROTEC insulation panels are particularly highly resistant to mechanical stress and erosion. They are used as lining on high-temperature furnaces and plants, as heat shields and for the rear insulation of high-temperature plants. A range of product groups are available:


Fibre insulation boards made from aluminium silicate, alkaline earth silicate or polycrystalline mullite, which are used as lining on high-temperature furnaces and as heat shields. Available with material-specific classification temperatures up to 1600°C.

Calcium silicate boards as insulation material for the rear insulation of high-temperature plants. The classification temperatures lie between 1000 and 1100°C. Calcium silicate panels are an ideal thermal insulation material for rear insulation in combination with refractory bricks or refractory concrete. Boards cut to size may also be produced upon request.


Microporous insulation boards with highly disperse silicic acid as a main component and extremely low thermal conductivity coefficients for particularly low energy loss. Space can be saved in the lining of furnaces due to the excellent insulation properties. Microporous insulation boards are used in industrial furnace construction and in the aluminium industry.

Advantages in using insulation boards:


Dimensional stability

Compressive strength

Easy handling and processing

Excellent thermal properties

Excellent thermal resistance

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